Letter from Jeff Chrysler:

Dear Friends,

Hello, I’d like to introduce you to Chrysler Encapsulated Seals, Inc. (CES).  At CES the three most important segments of our business are: You the Customer, Our Employees and our High Quality Teflon Encapsulated O-rings.

We have brought together a solid team with over 100 years of quality service in the manufacturing sector for encapsulated o-rings.  Our solid relationships with our suppliers insure that the critical nature of our material requirements and standards of quality are going into our encapsulated products.  The goals of the CES team are squarely aimed at companies, small and large, to bring to market an innovative manufacturing program that yields exceptional benefits and a quality assurance system geared to constant customer satisfaction.

As we move forward, we are finding that many customers have special requirements that demand our concentrated diligence and attention before our operators will sign off on their area of responsibility.  In some instances, this extra effort put forth by our employees may be the difference between a marginal failure in the field and a satisfied customer.  Our philosophy is and will always be to manufacture the highest quality o-rings, regardless of the application.  This one quality standard insures that the customer can  rely on CES for dependable parts that will perform as required.

We’re always enhancing our manufacturing program of Teflon Encapsulated O-rings, and, we believe in sharing beneficial results with our customers.  Contact us to talk over your material needs, specifications and any special programs that we can work on together in insure competitive pricing, on time deliveries, back up inventories, and most of all, a continuous flow of parts to your plant which will eliminate costly production interruptions and down time.


Deliveries & Mail

11 Skyline Drive East Unit 1
S. Abington Twp, PA 18411

Phone: 570-319-1637

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